The Nowaczyk Nursery was established in 1995 in Poland.

We are a wholesale nursery specialising in grafted conifers.

We graft, grow and sell an assortment of just over 400 varieties of Pinus, Picea, Abies, Sciadopitys and other conifers every year.


To help garden centres focus on a narrower range of truly outstanding plants, we have focused the majority of our efforts on a recommended list of approximately 60 varieties.

Every year we introduce new and exciting varieties of conifers into our offer.

We love when our plants catch the eye. To make this happen we combine careful cultivar selection with a rigorous cultivation process.

Our goal is for all of our plants to be beautiful, healthy and enjoyable to find, buy and watch them grow.

We welcome you to visit our nursery or meet us at the annual Zieleń to Życie (Green is Life) exhibition in Warsaw, or at the Gardenia fair in Poznań.