Pinus uncinata ‘Billabong’

Pinus uncinata ‘Billabong’ – one of the most interesting variations of mountain pine;

  • compact, hemispherical habit, 
  • reaches 50 cm height and 60 cm width after 10 years,
  • short, bicolour, striped needles; yellow and green,
  • requires moderate, garden soils,
  • grows well in sunlit and semi-shadowed positions,
  • fully resistant to sunburns and frost,
  • recommended for home gardens and balconies, as well as for containers and colourful arrangements.

Characterised by a red peacock effect, which occurs once every few years. Summer needle colours – green-yellow turn into pink in winter season. 

Variation was awarded a bronze medal at Zieleń to Życie fairs in 2016. Selected in Nowaczyk Nursery in 2009.